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Tax Warehouse

A really important asset of E-LOGISTICS is the tax warehouse, which enables all our clients to send, receive and store parcels which are under specific regulations.

We are a licensed tax warehouse operator and our activity is based on the current laws and legislation. The tax warehouse provides a solution for all importers of alcoholic beverages. Our experienced employees will take care of the whole process related to storing and processing such goods, regardless of how big the client order is. We can also put excise labels on the parcels and consolidate them, all in compliance with the government rules. 


Tired of slow logistics operations? Choose the Crossdocking option we offer. Our employees will receive your goods directly from your supplier and reroute them to the logistics center where they will be processed and sent to your client.

The whole process does not include long storage periods or additional processing. We only distribute goods in their genuine condition. You can also opt for partially rerouting different loads to numerous locations.

Related Services:

Pallet Loading and Unloading

If you need your goods to be stored and transported in the easiest and safest way, then this is the service you need to choose. In order for the loading and unloading processes to be optimized, we can ensure your goods are transferred onto pallets even if they are in bulk. We will also remove them from the pallets prior to delivering them to the end recipient.


Here is an option capable of significantly optimizing your business schedule! We are able to combine different loads coming from more than one supplier or manufacturer in a single single box, pallet, container or a truck. When the freight is unloaded, we deliver each package to its final recipient.

Order Picking

This logistics service is a real timesaver! It allows for loads and packages to be transferred from the warehouse to a truck and later delivered to other locations such as shops and stores. Order picking comes in handy for all clients who are operating into the e-commerce and distribution field because of their rich product nomenclature. We can combine the above mentioned process with consolidation of the products which is also an appropriate solution.



You don’t need to worry about the safety of your parcels! We can repack any kind of goods or load and secure them. Many clients trust us with that operation, as we are able to secure any kind of load and prevent it from damage or loss, thus reducing the risk of you wasting money.

Order Management,
Labels and Etiquettes

We are able to monitor each and every step of the logistics process, making sure that every order is processed as it should. Once a parcel enters our management systems, we make sure it is handled in the safest and most efficient way right until the time for loading comes.

Need labels on your goods? We got you covered! You can trust us with the application of excise labels and etiquettes on your parcels. This service allows for easier logistics of each parcel. Identification of the goods happens instantly and when the information on the label is scanned, it reveals all the additional parcel information.

 Our individual approach is based on the clients’ specific requirements and needs.

Management of Returned Parcels

Our team is well aware of the need for such a service to exists and we manage it successfully.

Customers often return goods after purchasing them, meaning that a number of actions is required next, depending on the supplier’s policy. E-LOGISTICS has plenty of experience in dealing with such scenarios. We can take care of the whole returning process and everything related to it, including warehouse processing and transportation. 

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Looking for a way to speed up your business? We can certainly help with that! Our storage services are a useful option you can take advantage of. We have developed an integrated system which makes handling goods and their storage a straightforward process.

Short Term Storage
Long Term Storage
Rack storage

Contract Logistics

Our contract logistics service allows for some of the processes and responsibilities related to logistics to be transferred to third parties such as our partner companies.

This is an easy way for handling any logistics problem, as the third party will help manage all facility and warehouse operations related to processing of payments and documents. This is how we eliminate any additional costs and delays related to processing goods.

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