Logistics Complex - Sofia, Lozen

1151 Sofia, Lozen str. No.6


Logistics complex "Sofia Lozen" is the ideal place not only for small businesses but also for strategic investors and companies seeking quick access to the city center.

Strategically located on Sofia ring road, right adjacent to the beginning of the "Trakia" highway, the center offers a great variety of warehouse and office areas that can satisfy the needs of each client.

The complex is equipped, according to all modern requirements for this type of buildings, and offers:
  • Maintaining indoor and outdoor common areas;
  • Passenger and freight elevators;
  • CCTV;
  • 24-hour security guard;
  • High-speed Internet;
  • Indoor and outdoor parking places;
  • Generator providing an independent power supply to the whole building;
  • Constant maintenance and servicing of all systems in the complex.
Total area: 4 700 m2

Total floorage: 7500 m2 at 5 levels of which 6 500 m2 warehouse area and 1 000 m2 of offices.

The warehouse comprises premises with various size and purpose located on three levels, including high-bay racking system sections having the total capacity of 3 500 pallet places.

In addition to conventional products, the complex has units licensed for storage and processing of:

  • Pharmaceutical products under temperature control;
  • Medical products;
  • Food stuff.

The office area is located on three floors. The Open Space Technology (OST) utilization provides a possibility for a wide variety of different types and sizes of office premises. It is possible to hire an entire office floor and model its space in a flexible way, depending on the client’s specific needs.

Our team, consisting of highly trained and educated employees who carry out the logistics operations required by its clients, is always at their disposal.

1151 Sofia
6, Lozen str.
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