Logistics Complex - Sofia, Kazichene

1532 Sofia, 7 Vidritsa street - Kazichene


E-LOGISTICS Kazichene logistics complex is a modern logistics park. It covers an area of 50 000 m2 and includes buildings and areas with different functions, equipped with the whole supporting infrastructure for such a site.

The substantial investment suggests stages in the course of putting into operation the park’s separate parts.

Currently the following equipment is quite ready for usage and put into operation:

A cross-docking terminal of 2 100 m2:
  • Built-in by an up-to-date technology with modern energy saving materials;
  • With 20 gates, 18 of which sectional, equipped with hydraulic leveling platforms allowing loading and unloading on/from vehicles of various sizes;
  • Room for charging accumulator batteries;
  • Premises for service staff.
Office area - 900 m2:
  • Equipped, according to all modern requirements;
  • Heat and noise insulated;
  • With a central air conditioning;
  • Fire alarm installation;
  • Access control;
  • Protection from electric breakdown by an UPS and an own diesel generator;
  • Separate dining room;
  • High Speed Internet,
    and many others
• Warehouse – 100 m2 usable height – 5 m, air-conditioned;
• Warehouse – 300 m2 usable height – 6 m;
• Warehouse – 400 m2 usable height – 12 m;
• Warehouse – 7 000 m2 - useful height 12 m, equipped with a tower crane;
• Outdoor areas – 10 000 m2;
• Approved Project with a permission for erection of a high-bay racking system warehouse with the capacity of 7 000 pallet places.

The complex has various loading-and-unloading equipment, which allows us to process not only palletized, but also non-standard and oversized cargo.

Our team, consisting of highly trained and educated employees who carry out the logistics operations required by its clients, is always at their disposal.

1532 Sofia
West Scientific and Industrial Zone – Kazichane
7, Vidritsa street
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